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Here at Neukadye we are lovers of the outdoors, and have developed tools for mobile device when they are truly mobile … when out in the “field”, including being offline. Wild-land fire-fighting, monitoring wildlife (raptors, bats) are perfect cases for using mobile devices and we are using our experience to develop (and field test) solutions for the outdoors.

Data collection on the go…

When out in the field your mobile phone can become an offline data collection device. Capture data and synchronize it with your work/office computer using Apple iCloud and/or Google Drive.

Other field utilities

  • Field Triangulate – locate something using two or more GPS points and compass bearings. Use handhelds devices or those on your mobile device.

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As a school administrator with countless observations to conduct daily, Field Notes provides a highly effective vehicle for recording and scripting everything  that is happening in the classroom.  I can easily track the time the teacher or students are conducting a activity, posing questions and monitor time on task.  Teachers love to see the scribed notes and it helps them to be reflective on their teaching, hence improving practices.  The quick keys set up eliminates the need for me to typ…

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