Field Triangulate

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Triangulate a GPS location from two (or more) GPS locations and compass headings. Use the device location and compass heading readings, or enter them yourself (or via a colleague on a radio) and the estimated triangulation coordinates will be provided. No need for paper, pencil and maps. Quick and easy triangulation calculations.

The application supports:

  • Coordinates are WGS-84 and can be display on the device map.
  • Three coordinate presentation formats: Decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, degrees/minutes and seconds.
  • Either use the device hardware generated readings, or enter your them manually (from GPS and/or compass.)

See a detailed step by step guide of how to triangulate a remote location using this application.

Notice:  The device compass (as with all compasses) is sensitive to it’s surroundings, and easily confused by the metal of vehicles and/or buildings. Vehicles totally mess with compass readings, so do NOT trust any reading for within a vehicle. Unlike GPS readings that have levels of accuracy, compass readings do not and so the application cannot verify them. If at all possible capture/verify readings using a handheld compass. 


 AppStore iconGet Field Triangulate on Google Play