iOS Getting Started

Usage overview

  • Upon startup the map should show and display your current location.
  • Tap the large green button (bottom right) or the '+' (top right) to create a new reading.
    • The latitude and longitude should be filled in, but if not, enter them.
    • If 'Use Device Compass' is on the current bearing will be displayed. Either tap 'SAVE' to accept this reading, or type in your bearing.
    • A line will be drawn on the map from the location in the direction of the bearing.
  • Create a second reading as above.
  • View the triangulated result.

Viewing the Triangulation

  • The triangulated latitude/longitude will appear at the top of the map.
  • Tap this reading to bring up the triangulation view.
  • Here you will find more information about the triangulation; any warnings about readings that are too close together, the distance to the triangulation, and the address (if address lookup completed.)
  • Here you can change the presentation to different formats; DD.DDDDD, DD MM.MMMMM, DD MM SS.
  • Here you can share the triangulation reading.

Managing events

  • A new 'event' (group of readings) should be created automatically on start-up.
  • Tap 'Events' to switch between events, selecting the one to enter.
  • Tap '+' on 'Events' to add/start a new event.

Take two or more readings to calculate the triangulated location.