Either go to the device settings (grey cog on desktop) then scroll to 'Timestamped Field Notes', or tap 'Manage' and then 'Configure Application' to get to the same settings view. Settings allow you to modify the behavior of the application.

Field Notes Settings

  • Background App Refresh is needed to automatically export files to Google Drive.
  • Automatic Entry (Timeout) determines how long after the last button press the line is automatically completed. This allows you to tap keywords and return your focus to your observations. This value is in seconds, or 'No Timeout' (disable this behavior) or 'Immediate Timeout' (for those wanting one keyword a line.)
  • Automatic Events (Internal) determines how long after the last entrying in an event a new event is created. This can be disabled or minutes, hours, days.
  • 24 hour clock can be on or off.
  • Display Time Format determines if seconds are displayed.


  • File Format determines plain text, CSV (spreadhseet import format) or JSON (JavaScript object notation, a programatic format.)
  • Date / Time Format determines export format from various date / time formats.
  • Automatic Export determines if exports occur at all, or on Cellualr Data or WiFi.

Application Behavior

  • Disable Sleep Idle Timer can be on or off. On means the application will disallow the device from sleeping while in data entry mode. This is hard on the battery, but could reduce time for taking notes because the application is ready and waiting.
  • Present Elapsed Time can be on or off. On means the times are from start of the event.
  • Colors allows the selection of color palettes.
Settings Screen