Getting Started

Usage overview

  • Create keyword sets of frequently used words (See below.)
  • Start a new 'event' (set of notes) using "+" in the navigation.
  • Tap keyword buttons and/or enter text then press the checkmark "✓" button to complete a line.
  • Events will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive once complete.

Setting up Keywords

  • Tap 'Manage' to manage the application & it's settings.
  • Tap 'Manage Keyword Sets' to configure groups of keywords.
  • Tap '+' to add a new set, or select a group to edit.
  • Tap '+' to add new keywords, or select a keyword to edit.

Editing a Keyword

  • Text - is the text entered into a note.
  • Button Label - is the display text, otherwise the above is used. Irrespective of button display label the 'Text' is entered into notes. Useful for having short easy to read buttons (e.g. 'PEFA') but full text (e.g. 'Peregrine Falcon'.)
  • Text Group - organize text into colored groups. Useful for grouping concepts; Verbs / Subject / Object, Actions, Places, etc.
  • Text Style - make certain buttons stand out, or not.

Managing events

  • A new 'event' should be created automatically on start-up.
  • Tap '+' to add/start a new event.
  • Tap 'Events' to switch between events, selecting the one to enter.

Export to Google Drive

  • Events are automatically exported to Google Drive (once the app is authorized.)
  • To authorize the app, tap 'Manage', then follow instructions.

Take notes using your own quick text buttons or keyboard, as needed.