Timestamped Field Notes for Behavioral Observations

Whether you are monitoring raptors (Peregrine Falcons, Prairie Falcons, Golden Eagles) or logging organisms appearing in deep-sea robot-collected video in real time you can speed note taking (to keep up with observations) using Timestamped Field Notes.


Create one or more keyword sets to encapsulate the vocabulary of behaviors you wish to record, including up to a full ethogram of behaviors. Don't worry if you don't include every term, you can type in words as needed, and convert them to keywords on demand. Timestamped Field Notes can also examine past notes for candidate keywords. Start small and grow as you need.

Observation / Study

Create events of observations using a suitable time period of expected behavior and record occurances. e.g. for Peregrine Falcons a couple of hours is typically enough for a nest or prey exchange at a scrape. Record behaviors using keyword button presses, or simply typing more descriptive notes as needed. Record to the minute, or second, as required.

Tap one or more keyword buttons to quickly timestamped an event. Reduce many keyboard taps to as little as one to efficiently capture both the event, and the time of the event. Keep your attention on the observation subject. Do not be distracted by the recording device. Capture the action, and don't miss key events.

Optionally, take quickly repetative notes common actions by tapping keywords on the Apple Watch interface, removing the need to take the phone or tablet from a backpack or pocket.


Once back on WiFi or mobile network you can export your event full of notes to Google Drive, or share to other systems.

Note: If recording away from network connectivity use bluetooth to AirDrop to an Apple computer. (This is useful for extended or remote field trips, including ocean-bound voyages.)

Take behavioral observations in the field, or study center.
Take behavioral observations in the field, or study center.