Response Utilities for D4H

Response Utilities is a mobile client for D4H - Readiness & Response. (D4H is used by emergency response teams - from search and rescue to fire departments and more.) Use Response Utilities to view your D4H data while on the road; view and interact with activities, and communicate with members.


View upcoming activities (scheduleded exercises & events) and see he pre-plan and map the location. Launch Maps to get directions to the location. Update your attendance to 'Attend' or 'Skip' the activity. Currently signed up attendees are shown with their photographs, allowing team mates to quickly see who is attending.


Review recent activities (incidents, exercises, events) with when, where, and who attended, and including what equipment was used. Response Utilities presentation the full activity description and displays the photographs of attendees, and who performed what role.


View all team members by name and photograph, and easily message them from your device. Make a phone call to a member, send a TXT message to a member, or email that member. View member groups (officers, trainees, stations, as configured in D4H) and email the whole group.

Off Duty

If you default to "on duty" in D4H use Response Utilities to add your upcoming "off duty" hours. Select start date, end date and optionally add notes for your off duty record.

Response Utilities for D4H

Response Utilities presents private incident data from within D4H; members faces, incident report details, etc. As such we cannot easily show you those screens. Here are some we can show you, below.

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