Notes Collector

When recording observations the last thing you want to be doing is looking down at your device, struggling with typos, entering times.

Notes Collector allows efficient note taking; time-stamping each entry as you make it. Simply tap buttons to record the most commonly recorded events (or most used words), significantly reducing the need for typing. Fallback to the keyboard only when required.

Notes are automatically synchronized with your other devices, and with cloud storage.

Notes Collector supports timestamps to minutes or to seconds; configurable to display and/or export seconds (although they are always stored in case you change your mind.) Dates and/or Times can be exported.

Note: Initially developed for monitoring nesting Peregrine Falcons (recording audibles, location activity, territory behaviors) this application can be configured for other time-stamped note taking endeavors:

  • Behavioral Observations - wildlife species.
  • Behavior & Event Recording - observing patients, students, teachers.
  • Personal journal or notes log. (E.g. personal health log.)
  • ... and many more.

Timestamped Field Notes supports multiple keyword sets, each for separate purposes.