Radio Telemetry using Field Triangulate

Use Field Triangulate to allow more efficient tracking in the field.

Widllife Tracking using Radio Telemetry

Using Field Triangulate to triangulate to a radio signal. Take your current location and use the strongest signal reading to determine the bearing to the individual. Capture the location and bearing to plot a line to the individual.

Take two, or more, readings (GPS location and compass bearing) towards the radio signal. Provide as much distance as you can betwen your readings to have the widest angle practical. Clearly the great the amount of time between readings the further target may have moved, so balance those two.

Note: For best accuracy use a hand held compass, since mobile device compasses are not suitably accurate, and do NOT report their (in)accuracy. Keep away from apparatus, since these can impact compass readings.

Radio Telemetry for Mountain Lions
Radio Telemetry for Mountain Lions.
- photograph by U.S.F.W.S.