About Neukadye

Neukadye develops a suite of mobile applications for use by researchers in the field.

How Neukadye started

The initial application (Timestamped Field Notes) was created for Raptor Monitoring; behavioral observations of Peregrine & Prairie Falcons, Golden Eagles and more in the foothill mountains of Colorado. The second application was created for Bat Monitoring; counting crossings & timing audio. Additional applications have been created for easily capturing geo-located notes, and for performing field triangulating of remote locations (e.g. radio telemetry.)

Neukadye Mobile applications have been used for primate behavioral research to whale research, and even to human observations; from studies to teaching environments. These highly configurable applications have proven useful in many fields of research and observation, including personal health logs.

Where we are today

Neukadye Mobile applications have been created for the iOS mobile platform. A subset of these applications also exist for the Android mobile platform.


Contact us at info@neukadye.com or (720) 340-2048.

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