Field Triangulate for Android

Field Triangulate for Android is now available on the Google Play Store.

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Ratings, Reviews & Keeping Apps Fresh / Current

Neukadye mobile apps prioritize stability / robustness over ongoing change, and so they typically don’t update often. That choice has pros and cons. Recently some changes in Internet APIs (specifically Dropbox and Google Drive authentication) negatively impacted the released applications. Apple’s

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Timestamped Field Notes 4.0 rolling out over the coming week…

Timestamped Field Notes is releasing from the iOS App Store. This is version 4.0 – the complete re-write – that brings Timestamped Field Notes back onto the latest Apple technologies, and allows it to be fully maintained again. This version

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Merging “Timestamped Notes” into “Timestamped Field Notes”…

I have reached a point where I can no longer (productively) maintain “Timestamped Field Notes”. I developed “Timestamped Notes” (a complete rewrite) as a replacement, however I took the opportunity to trim some less used features. I’ve been keeping the

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Timestamped Field Notes impacted by Dropbox API deprecation…

Timestamped Field Notes users are having problems with export to Dropbox no longer working. This is (almost certainly) due to Dropbox deprecating the API/SDK that the application uses. Dropbox are rejecting the application when it tries to export the data.

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Field testing watch connectivity with Raptors…

It is that time of year again … the start of raptor nesting season. Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Prairie Falcons, Peregrine Falcons and the skies are starting to fill with activity. Common Raven are being displaced and the raptors are

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Timestamped Field Notes 3.0

Timestamped Field Notes 3.0 has been re-built to utilize the latest iOS User Interface technologies, supporting screen sizes from iPhone 4 up to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, along with iPad formats. Timestamped Field Notes is built for iOS8.

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Quick “How to use Timestamped Field Notes” Video

I’ve not updated the Timestamped Field Notes help video in over year. A lot has changed since then: iOS7 and significant change to the user interface. (Gosh, the app on iOS6 on the old video looks so dated.) Multiple keyword sets

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Timestamped Field Notes (iOS) version 2.2 beta

It is wonderful to see how much usage Timestamped Field Notes is seeing, from the various projects and studies it is involved in, and it is always good to get the feedback on it (positive or otherwise.) Based upon some

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Timestamped Field Notes for iOS with Dropbox export

If you want to benefit from Timestamped Field Notes for it’s quick-text capabilities but are an avid Dropbox fan, now you can use them together. Timestamped Field Notes already support export to iCloud and Google Drive, but now  you can

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