Timestamped Notes

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When observing activity you often wish to reduce the time looking at a screen, keeping your focus and your attention on your subject. Timestamped Notes was developed to allow you to define some keywords and use them to capture notes, with the date/time of each note recorded.

Timestamped notes…

Note: This application is the latest incarnation of Timestamped Field Notes, developed for and upon the latest Apple iOS platform. This version supports automated both keyboard and quick entry buttons at the same time, as well as automatic background synchronization with Google Drive.

iPhone and iPad Support

Typical usage for this application is to develop a set of keywords (for quick entry) and to use these (and when necessary, the keyboard) to timestamp a set of notes.

This application was initially created for monitoring Peregrine Falcons in the field; recording behavior such as visits to/from the scrape, prey exchanges, and so forth. A set of keywords for  behaviors and scrape locations allowed for minimal time away from the binoculars.

Apple Watch Support

Sometimes (when hiking, or sitting observing) it can be beneficial not to have to get and unlock the iPhone. Using the Apple Watch application allows a turn of the wrist to provide access to keywords for data entry. Keywords are sent to the iOS device to capture amongst the notes.

Enter notes from your watch…

AppStore icon Get Timestamped Field Notes on Google Play