Triangulation Process

To triangulate a target location add two readings of latitude / longitude and bearing to the target from those locations.

The triangulation app automatically starts ready for a new event. Add a new reading by pressing + (top / right.) If available your latitude / longitude will be entered from the iOS device.

Enter a new reading by taping the + top/right.

Edit Reading

Typically the latitude / longitude values are predefined but the “Bearing” needs an integer value. Bearings are degrees (from true north, straight up) going clockwise from 0º to 360º. North is 0º, South is 180º, East is 90º, West is 270º.

Each reading is color coded for uniqueness. The line color and the color in the circle match.

Note: Enter latitude and longitude as positive values. Use N/S and the W/E buttons as appropriate to your region.

Edit Latitude / Longitude and add a Bearing then press “Update”


Tap on “N readings” at the bottom to raise the readings list. Each item in here is color coded to match it’s line, and is tappable. Tap this entry (or the pin associated with the reading) to raise the reading editor.

Tap the top ‘triangulation’ label (when presented) to bring up the triangulation screen

Edit readings by taping the reading, or the pin for a reading location.

Triangulation Reading

Share the triangulate in one of three formats; decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, or degrees minutes and seconds.

Tap on the triangulation to get the full triangulation screen. Tap the share icon (top / right) to send the result to others.


Groups of readings are collected into events. Events are automatically created after a period since the last event (e.g. perhaps an hour or day between events.) Only readings within a single event are used to perform a given triangulation.

Reading are grouped into events. Add a new event, or edit existing events,


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