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Getting started smelling roses…

Some snow: Some ice:

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Dogs (and meat) … all beat!

Today was the Mule Deer Trail in Golden Gate State Park. Forget what the map/guide says about difficulty, these trail classifications are (I assume) for summer hikes, not snowshoe hikes. Today’s “moderate” (from Gap Road to Frazer Meadow) was far more strenuous

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Stepping out…

Today is the first day of the start of my uncertainty… The good folks at Adventure Central gave me these awesome snowshoes as a leaving present, and today I put them to the test on the Snowshow Hare Trail of Golden Gate

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Draining the poisons…

Many years ago a colleague passed on the phrase “draining the poisons” to describe the process of moving on from a job that didn’t work out. This could be personal recovery (“getting back to you”) but as importantly it is

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As a school administrator with countless observations to conduct daily, Field Notes provides a highly effective vehicle for recording and scripting everything  that is happening in the classroom.  I can easily track the time the teacher or students are conducting a activity, posing questions and monitor time on task.  Teachers love to see the scribed notes and it helps them to be reflective on their teaching, hence improving practices.  The quick keys set up eliminates the need for me to typ…

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