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iPhoneDevCampCO #3

I attended iPhoneDevCampCO #3 on Saturday, and was pleased to see a bunch of new as well as old faces. Joe Pezillo (aka Metafy), Danny Newman, Kendall Gelner, and bunch of other good folk. Many folks were there to learn

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HackSpace (TechStars, Boulder)

This evening I attended the TechStars first HackSpace. Thanks to the kind folks at TechStars for hosting, and Gnip for feeding. I saw a lot of computers and some studious activity, but wasn’t sure how much coding was achieved. Some

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 I attended the locals night event last night. Despite crashing any group (that had predominantly closed toe shoes) as if I were “speed dating”, I didn’t get to meet many companies, but the few I did impressed me far

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Elk celebrating the fall colors

The elk seems to be avoiding some weather down at the bottom of the canyon. Enjoy them, and the colors.

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Be remarkable to developers…

Neat idea, and a good example of how to be remarkable to developers. Th good ones (with the big egos will want to be “one of the precious ‘few’ who were chosen”. Probably a cheap way to build a great

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A bear locks itself in a car, and …

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Up at altitude for fall

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being up at 12K feet above sea level at Weston Pass, near Leadville (the 2 mile high “city”). I cannot describe how amazing are the feelings from fresh fall mornings and cool evenings in

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Smart car on Highway 93

I saw one of these on highway 93 entering Boulder CO. It seemed noteworthy, both for it’s oddity and it’s impressive stance; putting the planet earth ahead of mass/height/protective steel. Last one I saw was in London, UK on one

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Welcome Hummers of 2008

The hummers (scouts at least) are back. April 14th (one day before their normal April 15th arrival, but hey — so they don’t respect leap years, that’s allowed. )Make sure you don’t miss out on the pleasure of these feisty

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Getting started smelling roses…

Some snow: Some ice:

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As a school administrator with countless observations to conduct daily, Field Notes provides a highly effective vehicle for recording and scripting everything  that is happening in the classroom.  I can easily track the time the teacher or students are conducting a activity, posing questions and monitor time on task.  Teachers love to see the scribed notes and it helps them to be reflective on their teaching, hence improving practices.  The quick keys set up eliminates the need for me to typ…

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