Timestamped Field Notes 4.1: Creating events

Timestamped Field Notes 4.0 had “automatic events”, where a new event is created after a time interval. This allowed for new events each day, or every few hours, and allowed notes to be exported in suitably sized documents. This worked well for some, but perhaps not for all users.

New event creation in 4.1

Timestamped Field Notes 4.1 allows this, plus also more manual control over creating events; allowing the selection of a keyword set for a new event.

  • There is now a “+” button on the main screen to create a new event.
  • If multiple keyword sets are defined (none of them marked as the default keyword set) the application prompts to select a keyword set for the new event.
  • Sharing of an event, and changing a keyword set for an event are now on the events list / event screen.
  • Set or Unset a default Keyword Set in the events list using the drag left actions. Once established, the default keyword set will be used to create new events.

This new functionality is believed to be a superset of existing behaviors, and hopefully will be an improvement. Beta testers will receive the new application tomorrow. There is some risk of instability, so only install the beta release if you are in a good position to handle that possibility. Feedback welcomed.

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