Ratings, Reviews & Keeping Apps Fresh / Current

Neukadye mobile apps prioritize stability / robustness over ongoing change, and so they typically don’t update often. That choice has pros and cons.

Recently some changes in Internet APIs (specifically Dropbox and Google Drive authentication) negatively impacted the released applications. Apple’s ongoing improvements to their platform have changed things significantly, changing the basics of the application.

I recently had to completely re-build the applications from scratch (in a new programming language) in order to bring them up to date, and allow them to remain maintainable. That was a large and time consuming endeavour, and caused a discontinuity for some users.

From here forward, I plan to refresh (update) the applications on a regular basis, to keep them fresh with the platform they work upon, even if no significant changes are needed or made. In order to limit breaking changes (and zap bugs) I’d appreciate people signing up as beta testers for the applications they rely upon. Beta testers get pre-release copies of updated applications and can ensure their usage case is considered before release.

One concern with regular releases are reviews and/or ratings, they are tied to the version number, which will increment with each new release. If you can spare the time, please do rate / review the application and keep that rating / review up to date on releases, from time to time. I hope you find these applications useful and of high quality, and if you do, I’d appreciate the feedback and the rating. Ratings play a large role in application discovery, and would help out the application.

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