Merging “Timestamped Notes” into “Timestamped Field Notes”…

I have reached a point where I can no longer (productively) maintain “Timestamped Field Notes”. I developed “Timestamped Notes” (a complete rewrite) as a replacement, however I took the opportunity to trim some less used features. I’ve been keeping the two as separate applications however the recent “Dropbox issue” makes me realize it is beyond time to “end of life” the old code.

I could “freeze in place” the old application, meaning what you have is what you’d keep for as long as it still runs. That said, I am thinking of merging these two application into one. I’d release the new code into the old application, so Timestamped Field Notes would get updates.

What does that mean for Timestamped Field Notes users?

If I freeze the old it’ll be like you have it, however it will never update and will eventually stop working. I’ll be able to fix nothing.

If I merge the old will be replaced by the new on any iOS 10 or above devices where you allow an update. (Many folks have automatic updates, so this might well just occur to your device.) I hope this will be an improvement, but your opinion may well differ on that.

Please let me know if you have input on this…

I believe the new application is “better” (it is very similar to the old application, and improved to support today’s iOS platform) but it does have some missing features (e.g. no Dropbox or iCloud support.) It has a number of new features such as support for new device screens/sizes, automatic/background sync, application multi-tasking and for Apple Watch, and more. Please feel free to contact me for a test version of the new application, and/or if you have input on this decision.

Thanks in advance.

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