Timestamped Field Notes impacted by Dropbox API deprecation…

Timestamped Field Notes users are having problems with export to Dropbox no longer working. This is (almost certainly) due to Dropbox deprecating the API/SDK that the application uses. Dropbox are rejecting the application when it tries to export the data.

For a quick “field fix” I don’t have a lot to offer, other than:

  • See if “export to Google Drive” could be an option for you.
  • Export the notes manually (using email or copy.)

Unfortunately the application is so old that it is challenging to build it, which makes publishing an update quite tricky. I’ll give it a shot and see if it is possible. I’ll update with the result.

I have written (and re-written) Timestamped Field Notes at least three times, to date. As Apple moves it technologies forward (making development improvements and reacting to new hardware) then applications need to keep up, and sometimes that requires a rewrite. The latest re-write is so different (a whole new language) that I experimented with many new techniques, including a custom keyboard (a replacement for the keyboard), keyboard input (extra buttons above the keyboard) however the best result ended up being similar to the existing application. That said, the application is a from the ground rebuild in Apple’s new language with support for various iPhone/iPad sizes, Apple Watch, multi-tasking applications and more. It automatically exports in background. It is such a different application I’ve shipped it as a new application (so as not to break existing uses.) That said, if you’d like to check out Timestamped Notes please do. Alternative contact me if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Note:  Timestamped Notes does NOT support Dropbox, only Google Drive. That said, it does offer “share”, which might be usable to share to Dropbox.

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