Field testing watch connectivity with Raptors…

It is that time of year again … the start of raptor nesting season. Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Prairie Falcons, Peregrine Falcons and the skies are starting to fill with activity. Common Raven are being displaced and the raptors are taking to their territories. Observations are needed to confirm their presence and selections.

Make a quick note from watch…

When in the field monitoring territories I need the ability to take notes, yet have minimal time with eye away from the skies, binocular or scope. When hiking I particularly do not want to stop, get the phone out from a pocket, unlock it, launch application and then create notes & save. I wanted a faster more convenient solution.

I’ve started field testing the Apple Watch extension for Timestamped Notes. When running the Timestamped Notes watch application, and with “last application on raise” configured, a simple write raise will present the list of keywords. Tap the keywords for a basic note, and upon pressing “Done” the note is sent to the phone for inclusion with other notes in the application.

On my first trip I found this supported some very effective quick notes. Not all notes, but it was easy to get a good timestamped event. There is no keyboard, but the watch application cooperates with the device application to allow both tools into the same set of notes.

A few more field tests, and some beta testing, and I’ll release this feature with Timestamped Notes.

If you’d like a sneak peak, please become a beta tester:

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