Quick “How to use Timestamped Field Notes” Video

I’ve not updated the Timestamped Field Notes help video in over year. A lot has changed since then:

Anyway, despite disliking the faltering voice track (after over 20 takes, see below, it just had to do) and only showing basic usage, here it is:

Hopefully it helps you understand how to get started with Timestamped Field Notes.

Some things that interrupt a usage video (when attempting it outside for less echo.)

  • Dog immediately drops a ball at your feet asking for it to be thrown.
  • Computer makes a timed noise (an audio reminder.)
  • When simulating a finger with a mouse a swipe becomes a tap and derails the flow.
  • Garbage truck pickup noises; banging and beeping.
  • Cut-n-paste failing to work in the simulator.
  • Laptop battery dying.
  • Voice flub, tap flub, word flub. (Rinse and repeat, many times.)
  • Troubles thinking and mouse moving and talking at the same time. 🙂
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  • Elvira Moon

    If voice recording is ever added to this app, I will buy and use it. Sometimes in field research, you can’t take your eyes off the subject for many minutes (and more). 🙂

    • arb_jack

      Hi Elvira. This application doesn’t support voice recordings, but I have heard of people using Siri to type into the field for them. I’ve not tried it myself (and would only work if online) and I doubt it’d be reliable enough, but it is an interesting idea. I’ll add your request to the wishlist ‘cos I do see your point.

      Myself I try to rely upon muscle memory (and a good vocabulary on buttons) to minimize time with eyes off critters.

      • Elvira Moon

        Thanks for the prompt response! Siri does not work for me (have iPad2 and out of digital communictions range). Incorporating voice recording, not necessarily transcription, would extend the usefullness of Journal and Notes apps in the field. Or course, voice transcription would rock 😉
        We do plant, bird and fish surveys here (wildlife refuge). Will relay your website to colleagues.