Timestamped Field Notes (iOS) version 2.2 beta

It is wonderful to see how much usage Timestamped Field Notes is seeing, from the various projects and studies it is involved in, and it is always good to get the feedback on it (positive or otherwise.) Based upon some of that feedback, I’ve been working on a new version of Timestamped Field Notes with a reasonable amount new functionality.

Timestamped Field Notes Settings in iOS version 2.2

Timestamped Field Notes Settings in iOS version 2.2

Some examples of this are:


  • Batch export to Google Drive or Dropbox.
    • Events color coded as “orange” (to export) “green” (exported.)
  • Export formats: HTML, CSV (Comma Separated Values), Text.
  • Export Dates (not just Times.)
  • Daily reminder notifications when events require export.


  • Sharing “Keyword Sets” creating a my-words.keywords file.
  • Importing “Keyword Sets”, reading my-words.keywords file.


  • “Tidy Text” (attempt to automatically clean up additional spacing, etc.)

I am excited about a number of these changes, but especially the sharing of keyword sets. I’ve been wanting to add this for a while. If you’ve got a good set of keywords for a topic you’ll be more easily able to share it with your various devices, but also with colleagues.

I am not quite ready to release it, but I would be interested in getting some feedback on the new release. If you’d be open to testing this release please contact me at info@neukadye.com. Alternatively you could sign-up at TestFlightApp.

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  • Nerak

    Would have loved to use it BUT = no Android 🙁 ….Next!

  • Katherine Jones

    Please add the option to have sounds on your field data app, so I know I have pressed the button when looking through a field scope! Main thing missing from this app.

    Ideally you could have different buttons play different sounds, but even just a simple sound that is the same for all buttons would give me a bit more confidence, given there is no tactile feedback on an iPhone!

    • arb_jack

      Good idea. When I’ve been out bat monitoring in the pitch black of night I’ve wanted this. I’ve worked on a new version for Field Data with this in. If you are interested in testing a beta copy of this, please sign up: http://tflig.ht/1fHO8ux

      • Katherine Jones

        Yeah sure, I’d be happy to try it out.

        • arb_jack

          Thanks for registering Katherine. Please now add a device (go to testflightapp.com from device) so I can send you a test application. The system needs your specific device information before I can do this.