— good, bad, or other?

As a British “resident alien” in the US finally applying for citizenship I face the possibility [however remote] that I might be eligible to vote this coming November in the presidential election. Watching the coverage of the Iowa caucuses it struck me how simplistic the decision making has been; “it’s about change”. My initial reaction was that it was merely the media’s dumbed-down interpretation, but then I had to admit (frankly, and with the excuse of being a decade long non-voter in the US) I hadn’t taken the time to really understand the issues/stances and where candidates fit with my beliefs. Then I heard about this…

It tells me (if I were to believe it) that my issues/beliefs had a good day in Iowa yesterday, but if electronic voting booths are suspect then what about this? “Hey … ‘tell me who I ought vote for please’ … sure, I trust you with my vote/the countrys future!” An abdication of responsibility or what? I guess I ought to go do the research myself, and earn that citizenship the right way…

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  • TK

    Barack Obama – that’s who I would vote for, if I could.

    As a German resident alien, seems like I am in the same boat as you are. I am contemplating citizenship as well. But then again, I’d have to vote in this country and watch even more politics on TV.


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